Mwera Miracle Centre


It reaches the World with the Miracle power of Jesus Christ, bringing back the lost, giving hope to the hopeless, helping the needy, orphaned, and providing life to the lifeless, preparing the hearts of men FOR the Second Coming of Jesus Christ 2Peter 3:4-11

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The Visionary of the Church programs and activities

A WORD from Him:

If you need a Miracle, Healing, Spiritual guidance, Sign, a Word and Wonders from the Lord then  you need to Visit Mwera Miracle Center for its the place the Lord has Ordained for such a purpose in the area, we also welcome those who don't believe in Miracles and the Lord Jesus' Healing power to come and be part of witness ever Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every week, come expecting a miracle because that's the bread Jesus GIVES  Mathew 14:35-36











Iam Amoro Catherine Otole from Mwera Miracle Center under the Development department of the church. I joined this ministry in 2013 until now am still serving, my life has been changed through working with this Ministry and pastor Ssendikwanawa Davis Dollar, God has blessed me financially, the health of my family and so many others has changed tremendously.

Under the development department we have projects which give a helping hand to the community for example.

  1. MICHOP ( Miracle Child Hope Project, which takes care for orphans and other disadvantaged children in paying their school fees, giving them scholastic materials, providing them medication, giving them sanitary items, food and other things, it also takes care of the elderly by giving them assistance of their basic life needs; like food, soap. Paraffin, sugar, corn flour, rice at intervals of year, we are also planning on building some small net houses where they can too sleep in good conditions as support comes in.


  2. PAPP (Poverty Alleviation Pig Project), this was designed to cab poverty among the believers, by providing one female pig to one member, they rare it and after birth piglets are shared amongst other members to have a pig to rare for income generating purposes.


  3. Construction of the sanctuary project and its future office.


  4. The crusade project; under this we have a scheme of collecting 1000 shilling that’s $0.2 from church members to mobilize funds for crusade for the entire year round, and this crusade normally takes place in January of every beginning of year


I want to argue all who have been blessed by our ministry to please partner with us, if you want to sow your seed in any of the above, please go to the donate page and follow the prompts God bless you tremendously amen.





My names am Nalwada Florence, i got born again on 8/8/2009, and have been a serving minister in the church at MMC ever since i have gained a lot of good things likewise in my previous religion. I have seen the Lord rise me to ground now that am the Church Treasurer that's such an achievement in my life, i pray one prayer that JESUS may bring all my family members to salvation and knowing his truth, and that He rise our church to great hights and level and anoint our Pastor so much to continue seeing the miracles we see God use him to do at our church.




My names am Namanda Sylivia and i live at Kiwande village, i got Born Again at Mwera Miracle Center on 24/11/2009, and ever since have been serving the Lord Jesus Christ.  In my walk with the Lord and MMC i have seen tremendous blessing and miracles in my life; like before i was born again i used to get a lot of sickness especially that of NOSE bleeding occurring regularly, one time i was admitted on even drips at Mwera Hospital, and i also used to get sick with fever very often and i could not spend two weeks with out being sick, but when i got saved, Jesus healed my life  and where the sickness disappeared i don't know even, you can't remove me from Jesus now am super glued to HIM, in addition i have seen Miracles in our Church when Jesus has used our pastor to heal the sick even of HIV, Lameness, Epilepsy etc. 

The Lord has promoted me and now am the new WORSHIP leader for our church....really ....He has kept the wisdom of his kingdom to the children to shame the wise....

My encouragement is to young girls of my age to come to the Lord and serve Him because He is not only a Farther but a healer, provider, deliver, and every thing. lastly i pass my sincere thanks to my PASTOR Ssendikwanawa Davis Dollar and the missions Director for the spiritual guidance they offer us..... may the Lord JESUS BLESS THEM EXCEEDINGLY  COR 9:8-11.





CMN (Christian Movie Night)  COORDINATOR

My Name is Alex Muzaale, Coordinator for CMN at Mwera Miracle Center a department which is under Media Ministry for the church, under the Pastor ship of Pastor Davis Dollar Ssendikwanawa found in Mityana district- Mwera Parish Uganda, East Africa.


great thanks goes to our devorted, dedicated, committed and caring pastor Davis who isour vision bear or MMC, may God award him abundantly.


through the preaching of gospel in our region that's how CMN ( Christian Movie Night was birth, this is plan of showing Christian movies to the community with aim of winning souls, we have seen many come to the Lord after watching such movies, as Ezekeil 33:1-11 commands us to pass the  Word of God ( Gospel of salvation) to avoid being condemned for the souls who will die sinners because of lack of knowledge of the saving love of God.

In this ministry of evangelism, there are some items I have observed lacking for better facilitation of CMN, to reach many people in our 5 villages surrounding ministry like; 1. Projector, DVD, Computer, transport facilitations, we have got our generator for doing this work in areas where there is no power, I kindly appeal to whoever is touched by the Spirit of God and feels like blessing this ministry financially to buy these materials or giving us in kind you can contact Pastor Davis Dollar Ssendikwanawa of Mwera Miracle Center.

In my final words I would like to thank all of you who have joined hands with us  in the preaching of the gospel of the most high God, I have seen wonders and miracle under this ministry when God uses the Man of God Pastor Davis, my wife was barren and after prayer she gave birth to a baby, I had cancer but after prayer God healed me, one adorpted daughter of mine was demon posses and could link salavia but after prayer she is healed by the power of God, I came to this ministry when I was not filled with Spirit of God but now iam I thank God so much for Pastor Davis and Mwera Miracle Center.

 Charcles Habumukiza


As a child, my Dad was the final authority.  What he believed, I believed.  But as a teenager I began to rebel. I started to develop my own convictions. I began posting signs on my bedroom door stating the things that I strongly believed in. When I got to College my dormate got me questioning the religious beliefs I grew up with. He said Charles what difference has your religion made in your life?" After thinking about it I came to the conclusion that my religion hadnot made any difference in my life.  I believed that God existed, but felt distant and isolated from him.  I was trying to do the right things…. But I was frustrated that I failed to live up to my own standards. I wanted to be close to God. My dormate said that if I worked harder and prayed 40 minutes a day that I would soon come to know God. I decided to give it a go.  But after a year of this I still felt so far from God.  My dormate method wasn't changing my life either.

During the school break I read a booklet about Knowing God Personally. It told me that God loves me and wants to have a close personal friendship with me. It said that the reason I do not feel close to God is because I have not lived up to His standard  -- perfect obedience.  Only Jesus has lived a perfect life. You remember how when Abraham was going to offer his son as a sacrifice, that God provided a lamb to die in his place? Well the booklet said that God provided the Great Lamb,  Jesus, who died in our place and that everyone who acknowledges what Jesus has done will have their sins forgiven and experience a close relationship with God.

The booklet got me thinking.  But I wondered, "Does this work in real life?" When I got back to college my new dormate invited me to a Christian gathering. It was different from anything I had ever seen.  People my age were talking about how Jesus had made a difference in their lives. 

Several told how Jesus had given them the power to stop doing drugs.  I was impressed.  I wasnot into the drug scene, but the changes in their lives convinced me that Jesus could make a difference in my life if I let him. That night I prayed out loud a short prayer, "Jesus, take control; the words were not important - it was my attitude God looked at. He saw that I was counting on Jesus the sacrifice to make me acceptable to God.

Over the next month I noticed a number of changes in my life.  I found myself becoming less prejudice - and enjoying talking to all sorts of people who I would have never talked with in the past. I also found myself feeling closer to God - really wanting to read the words of Jesus and discovering how they made a difference in my attitudes and actions. The next college term I had a new dormate, and he spent the rest of the year trying to talk me out of my faith in Jesus. His arguments forced me to do a lot of research and a lot of hard thinking. Jesus said he is  "the way, the truth and the life" and that he is the only way to God. I believe that NOT because of what other people say, but because I have researched it on my own and found it to be a true fact which can change your life.

 When I joined MWERA MIRACLE CENTRE CHURCH IN 2017 under the Ministry of pastor Ssendikwanawa Davis Dollar until now am still serving, my life have changed through working with ministry God has blessed me financially, my health and the health of many have changed. My major responsibility is to guide young people in their faith journey. The middle school and high school years are a time of soul searching in many ways, including deciding on a belief system. By creating a welcoming environment, providing faith direction and encouraging discussion, the youth ministry helps the church youth become believers and active participants. Its the youth leader responsibility to arrange for a variety of activities, both at the church and away, that will attract many different youths to the church and hold their interest. These include weekly meetings, youth Sunday school, or weekend retreats, and both local and multiday mission trips. Typically, many youths and adults volunteer to organize and lead these events, but I oversea and supervises the progress of youth.

 God created man to be with God and have eternal life.

 Sin separates us from God and eternal life (Isaiah 59:2)

 God loved us so much that he allows us to have fellowship with Him through his son,

Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 1:9).

First Timothy 5:17 says, Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor,

espcailly those who labor in preaching and teaching.



Iam Kuteesa Saul and I work under the Media  Ministry as Camera Operator in Mwera Miracle Center. Since the year 2014 when I joined the media department, I have gained experience in Photography, and video works. I have witnessed lots of miracles where the Lord has touched and healed people in the area and those  coming from distances for example the sick, demon possessed healed , deaf healed and all sorts of healings.

Even my family has received miracles one of which was the healing of my son who had fibroids and was going to be operated on but God healed him. the ministry has helped the needy by giving them clothes, feeding orphan kids and needy, giving out food to kids and needy community. finally, am very greatful with Pastor Davis, he has pastored m well, I have been strengthened spiritually, healed my soul and physically many times and very proud serving the Lord in Mwera Miracle Center.

Some of the items however need in my department are; A good camera, a computer, internet like wifi for posting message in different mediums of communication to preach the word and share the power of God to all.

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