Mwera Miracle Centre

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In the beginning there was nothing so this start up  church on a sunday service day came up, and in the front is the land which the recent church in pentagon style will be built. mmc file photo

Another vast land for construction services for offices, administration block

side view of the church in the right side is where the new church will be built.

The current structure we have now though needs new update for another one soon

The incesion of the lavatorial.

Worship JESUS in all its enternity is on indignant at MMC which is perfectly observed that even the senior pastor honors so much, because why is the reason why we were created any way; is it to worship HIM, that's why JESUS illustrated that in John 4:23... that  a time has come and is now when the True worshipers shall Worship the Farther in Truth and in Spirit, for they are the kind of Worshipers the Farther SEEKS. God is a Spirit and his Worshipers must WORSHIP in Truth and Spirit....... so worship isn't a by-the way as most thing its a deity of SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF OUR FARTHER AND LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Above is one of the Calf which Nakamwa (an usher at MMC) got after receiving a word of prophecy from Pastor Davis, below she was kneeling thanking the Lord Jesus for the blessing in the church.

Services in pictures at MMC 2010

The entrance of JESUS' word brings light to a soul, with out hope, deliverance, healing and destitute, so this strong empahsis to the congregation at MMC.

when the praises go up up His presence comes down down some of the praise moments at MMC, remember what Moses said in Exodus, that unless your PRESENCE carries us, don't let us go any where, so praise bring down his PRESENCE and when this is done the Spirits of people are lifted up and ready to receive the remnant WORD of JESUS.

U a living stone by pastor davis dollar mcc

On verge o death dz victory 2009 by pastor davis dollar mmc.amr




The women leader  Ms Kemizanyo speaking to the congregation of the testimony of how she got a son, she was BARREN with no children, after prayers from Pastor the Lord Jesus blessed her womb with a son, she even named him after pastor's name called Dollar. Glory be to the JESUS for such miracles

Holding the microphone below is the chairman of the church Mr. Emaju Mathew, here he was encouraging people to give towards the church construction. file photo 2010.

The treasurer of the church Miss. Nalwada J giving  a brief of the church contributioons and project status. 2010

Below are more of the church services in photos 2010.

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