Mwera Miracle Centre

Help us accomplish the Lord's Work of building him a Church for his glory and helping the disadvantage children at our ministry by making a donation towards, building, education, clothes and shoes, sanitary items, beds, blankets, nets, Evangelism, food Jesus richly will bless your hands. use these details to give;

1. Write your cheque to: 

Pastor Ssendikwanawa Davis Dollar

A/C NO: 1037100337721

2. OR Use Electronic transfer of funds with swift code to:

Name: Ssendikwanawa Davis Dollar

Bank: Equity Bank Uganda

Acccount No: 1037100337721

Swift Code:  EQBLUGKA

3. or you can use Western Union with these details

Name: Ssendikwanawa Davis Dollar

Country: Uganda

City: Kampala

Tel: +256752896993


Send on email the name of sender, and region blessing

Corinthians 9: 10-12

N.B send pastor an email to; to inform him the reason for your donation and which method you used to give to enable ease accountability and sending you a report of what your donation did

 4. Or use this gofund me account



above the temporary structure of Mwera Miracle Center which needs urgent construction of Gods Sancaturary and below is one of the Mich Child among the 42 who need beds, blankets, matresses, an Education, home where to stay, food, let God alone touch your heart to this cause of Help in JESUS NAME, to donate use the above details and dont forget to explain the reason for your donation and leave behind your contacts for report updates on what your donation did. 

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