Mich Child Hope Project (Mich)

Miracle Child Hope Project (MICHOP) is the Health department for the Ministry taking care of Children and Elder's/ Seniors needs. the kids here sleep almost in damp stand place as you see below and need beds, mattresses,  blankets, basic health necessities, 3 meals a day, and a good place to stay, we plan to built a children home called "Michop Children's  Home where the 42 kids we have will sleep healthier at the Ministry of Mwera Miracle Center, if you are touched to help, please contact; 

Pastor Ssendikwanawa Davis Dollar

Mwera Miracle Center


 email; davislove123@gmail.com or 

+256752896993 in Uganda

In the USA Contact;

Associate Pastor Nancy McGuire

you can get her on facebook

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