Church vision coming projects

Mwera Miracle Center envisions under the following Projects, received  directly from the Lord for this place where its situated, Pastor Ssendikwanawa Davis Dollar was given a vision from the Lord , of schools, orphanage home, children's center, church and farm land, and radio station  by the Lord Jesus Christ, so below is the Vision He received, and since has been believing Jesus to see it through, and it will happen. you too can be a part of this by standing with us in this ministry line With a monthly seed or a one time seed, God bless you.

1.  Miracle High College

This school will include; Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and High School, will have buses for students pick up and travels, this will be three floor, three buildings of 7 rooms each at cost of $156,000

2.   Michop (Miracle Child Hope ) Children's Home

This home will be for the first forty kids we have and elders in the village who are sleeping is poor living conditions right now, with no basic necessities of life, thus this will provide them good places to stay in, and basic necessities of life, this will be one block three floors high, will a place for kids, elders and convening room for both to share experiences. at cost of $70,000

3.  Teens Center

This center will be home for  health activities like, entertainment, games, education talk shows, competition shows etc.

4. Administration Block 

This will house the offices for church, a radio station, a clinic for treating children and elders for free medical services, and store.

5. A church Building

For spiritual enrichment at cost of $33,000 for the three ( teens center, administration block and church)

6.  A pastor's Home,

Presently the pastor stays too far from ministry he moves 50 miles to be at church and another 50 miles back, now this can be changed by putting up a house for him near the ministry to ease ministry to people, at cost $15,000

7. A farm land for growing food

The biggest major problem of this area is food crisis, hunger and lack of nutritious foods for kids and elders, so land will be bought and farming of crops started to create SUSTAINABILITY OF FOOD  by producsing ours alone, at cost of $ 10,000

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